Thursday, December 9, 2010

Security in Apps Becoming Mainstream

Interesting article in DarkReading the other day about app security becoming part of the enterprise for software development.

It appears that folks are getting the first part of the solution, which is a nice start. Well, ok, we'll say the second part. The first part is really listening. Many of us aren't even there yet. The next step is to realize it needs to be part of your development process.

So here is what happens: you are in the dark, you hear about the issues for the first time and think "oh crap", you then panic and make all your developers get trained and stop 100 different things, they burn out and argue with you and it falls apart a bit. Take a quote from the article:

Sima also argues that too many firms ramp up their secure development programs too quickly. While training developers to write more secure code is a good thing, project managers should not go overboard, he says. Rather than try to tackle the top 10 or top 25 software issues, companies should instead take a small bite.

This is GREAT advice. As I have mentioned in previous posts, just learn about XSS and SQL Injection. Learn about them -- what they are, how they work, how to stop them. And then act on what you know. Taking care of those two alone will stop about 70% of all web attacks on your site.

Don't even tackle the top 10. Read up on them. Then tackle XSS and SQL Injection. Get your feet wet while you stop 70% of the attacks. Then move from there to CSRF, Authentication issues, Session issues and lots and lots of other things.

Just so you know, I can help you too. I am happy to work with you to train your .NET developers, or do code reviews or just consult with you on next steps. Drop me a note at and I will be happy to show you how easy it can all be.

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